Williams in Woodford Square

As long as the People’s National Movement can maintain its long stride across this  always potentially deceptive twin-island Caribbean landscape, hope shall prevail for us to maintain ourselves as a people of glory. Dr Keith Rowley

In this connection, there is no room for error.

Mitchell thanks Calypso Rose for promoting T&T Culture | Trinidad and  Tobago Government News

The enemy is always at hand, waiting to slash our Archilles heel.

No one is to be trusted. The price of freedom and democracy is too monumental.

88 Trinidad And Tobago Oil And Gas Industry Images, Stock Photos & Vectors  | Shutterstock

As one of our few bold-faced brigands who scaled the walls of Mason Hall  into Whitehall, Rowley knows that we are always sitting on a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

For the children and for our future, vote PNM and keep the Red White and Black flying high!

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