Winter Solstice in Full Blast

As the earth quietly rolls along through the Winter Solstice, a number of events have been unfolding as a reflection of the state of affairs of man during these cool but turbulent times, such as:

  • The heightening of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with US President Joe Biden being forced to read the riot act to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the United National General assembly today;
  • 230 whales Stranded off Tasmanian Beach;
  • Billion dollar COVID 19 Pandemic Fraud (USA)
  • Iranian women burning scarves
  • Leicester Muslims and Hindu men protesting in England on BBC Television
  • A BBC report today revealed that there‘s only ONE black Chemistry professor in the whole of England. (BBC Story)

According to Wikipedia, the winter solstice, also called the hibernal solstice, occurs when either of Earth‘s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. This happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere (Northern and Southern). 

For that hemisphere, the winter solstice is the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year, when the Sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the sky. Either pole experiences continuous darkness or twilight around its winter solstice. The opposite event is the summer solstice.

Here in Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost country of the West indies island chain situated just seven miles off the south American continent  mainland of Venezuela, a few events are threatening to register a significant difference on the now cool landscape of this wealthy twin-island Caribbean democratic republic comprising a mere 1.6 million people occupying 1,864 square feet of land.

These include:

  • The Police Commissioner seems to be using young Indian recruits to brighten up the face of  the Police Service while at the same time covertly pushing a new image to promote the interests of the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) government as it builds up its forces for upcoming elections;

Photo by Dexter Phillip  – Trinidad Express

  • The bringing of criminal charges – for the first time – of a Member of Parliament (David Lee MP – Pointe-a-Pierre) for abusing tax exemption privileges involving the purchase of a vehicle and for misbehaviour in public office;
  • The government led by Tobago-born Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has been left red-faced at the embarrassing, inexplicably idiotic move by its lone Tobago House of Assembly  Kelvon Morris to nominate ousted renegade  Assemblyman Watson Duke for re-election recently.
  • A Dog owner is  charged for causing the death of niece by his alleged negligence in keeping the killer dog in a safe enough place away from the child who was visiting his home; and
  • A senior executive of a large corporation is charged with having child pornography pictures on phone.

In the midst of all this quiet instability therefore, citizens of Sweet T+T broke into broad smiles of delight on seeing their   home-grown actor Akil Gerard Williams, 33, greeting them on their Trinidad and Tobago Television screens from Hollywood as they prepare to view the movie Chee$e as the opening show in this country’s Film Festival which starts here this evening.

A number of writers are already projecting that the movie – conceived, produced and directed by T+T-born Damian Marcano – can make an impression  world-wide.

At a time when the world and T+T seem to be so shaken up by the Winter Solstice therefore, let’s hope that Chee$e can make an intervention to bring us all back together in one wholesome piece.

Who would’ve thought you would become Turtle Village big fish? A friend asks Skimma who plays this lead character in Chee$e.

Who would have thought? 

Such as large question should be better left alone for now since, as the old people like to say,

Is the answer that does bring the row!

Roland ‘Julio Prince’ Harry and Akil Gerard Williams in Scene from Chee$e

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