Touch Not the PM’s Anointed Arab

Any curious TT visitor hearing terms such as “Privileged”, “Blessed”, “Highly favoured” and “Above reproach” will be greatly surprised to learn that these references are not being made to local dignitaries such as the president, the prime minister or even the commissioner of police.

In fact, the man of this important moment is a gentleman who appears to have the status of an untouchable because of his capacity to make laws and then bend them to suit his own personal benefit. 

How else can Attorney General Farris Al Rawi be described? After all, isn’t this the same man who aggressively passed COVID – 19 laws in Parliament then appeared unmasked on national television even while the police were harassing citizens in the streets for flouting the same regulations?

And what’s the response of his boss who’s supposed to be the most powerful man in the country?

Carib Media Pirates Looking for Big Fish

The traditional media circus which passes for exciting journalism here is beginning to evolve into a new show of bluff and bravado as young Turks ride their chariots of fire triumphantly into an old, tired world trampled into apathy under the guise of “wine” and “jam”.

Louis Lee Sing understands this first hand, having grabbed the reigns of medium band category media power from his mentor Pat Chookolingo whose “Bomb” and other daring products burned a big hole in the grand illusion of “Free Press” which has mesmerized the minds of the readers for some time. 

APT James Surfaces

Riding high on the Tobago spring tide, the APT James genuflects respectfully on the rough waves expected to shoo-in the People’s National Movement victory into another victory in the island’s elections at the end of this month.

“Fargo” – as the old folk of his day fondly remember him – was no PNM member or follower but in fact ruled the entire island from 1956 to 1961 on a Butler party ticket. 

Which is why he was named after the huge “Fargo” trucks which came into use on the island for the construction drive there, being well considered for his strong characteristics of reliability and fortitude tinged with generosity for all.

GPS Tracking Mandate For TT Fishing Vessels

OPPORTUNITY GPS Tracking  Mandate For TT Fishing Vessels TT Fishermen at work ( Photo: News.gov.tt) Suppliers of GPS tracking devices for fishing vessels will soon have a captive opportunity to enlarge their customer base in Trinidad and Tobago. The signal came when Clarence Rambharat,  the TT Minister whose responsibilities include Fisheries, announced government plans to …

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