Nothing to Hide

Finance Minister Colm Imbert has argued that there is nothing to hide in Government’s piloting of amendments to the controversial Public Procurement Amendment Bill in the House of Representatives.

Addressing the issue of government to government arrangements, Imbert explained that with the Senate amendments, the only item of procurement which would be exempt would be matters of national security.

Opposition member Dr. Roodilal Moonilal has condemned the government proposal for exemption of matters of national security, describing it as “dangerous”

He said: “A (Cape Class) boat coming from Australia for millions of dollars is now exempt from due diligence as would be a $224 million contract for the construction of a new police headquarters or a $114 million contract for the refurbishment of police stations or contracts for CCTV cameras”.

He said that the term “debt financing for the national budget” was a cosmetic change since every item of expenditure could be classified in one way or another under this rubric and therefore could be exempt from scrutiny.

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