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Rudolph (Rudy) Williams is a veteran marketing communications specialist and creative entrepreneur domiciled in “Sweet T+T”. He is the publisher of and CEO of Williams Marketing. Rudolph is the author of “If I Die Tonight”.

Celebrating our Magical Crossovers

For the fast growing number of us who have been “privileged” with the phenomenon of more than one” blood line “running through our arteries,  an ethnic eclipse is near.

Contrary to those citizens of diversified Trinidad and Tobago who still harbour real fears of one race overtaking the others, there’s an amorphous wave of people of motley colour, crew and religion which is about to not just overwhelm but morph into an invisible force which we will feel but not hear coming like the proverbial thief in the night.

Catch as only TT’s “Catch” can

The line in the popular commercial says “Catch me if you can!”  – and that’s exactly what this Trinidad-born brand is doing as it starts to export its first set of product to Cyprus soon.

Arthur Lok Jack established Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) in 1974 and “Catch” is among the many popular chocolate products and confectioneries produced by the company.    

Since then  Lok Jack has been persistent in exploring foreign markets, starting with the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM) where  (ABIL) has a dominant presence.

The Cyprus breakthrough may be considered a significant breakthrough as part of Lok Jacks’s drive to ride high with world players in the game of chocolate where Trinidad and Tobago already reigns as a key player in blending.

Keith’s High Balancing Act

It might have been  mere coincidence, but Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar could not have chosen a better time than now to use House Speaker Bridgette Annisette-George to move a ‘No Confidence’ motion  against the PNM government. 

After all, for  those who know about spirits flying loose in various cycles , this is the fifth-anniversary year time for the smiling ghost of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning to “wheel and come again”

Oh, Lord!Why Lord?

This is the chilling question that keeps crystallizing in the trembling heart and breathless voice of many parents holding their bellies and bawling out loud to a God who cannot hear as the news reverberates about yet another young person, a mere child really, whose life has been cut short in the arena of pettiness  and pure “bad-mind” at the hands of their siblings or in questionable clashes with the Police.

It’s just been a year ago, but the grief and pain caused by the police killings of three young men of the Morvant area still reverberates in the area, as newsmen who visited and interviewed families have reported.

According to official reports in 2020 :Forty-five women and two girls have been murdered so far. With the murder count presently at 362, females represent 13 per cent of the homicides to date.

Double-G and his Ever Moving Goal Post

Yes! Gary Griffith is confidently setting himself up to deliver a spectacular bicycle kick to slip his ball nimbly past a hapless Selection Committee and virtually guarantee  his return as Trinidad and Tobago’s Police Commissioner for a second term.

However, one major question looms as Gary goes for goal, namely : who will pass the ball to him?

Certainly not “GG3” the rookie who was not able to qualify for the last World Cup team despite his father’s active presence. Wife Nicole may be charming and intelligent but that’s not expected to logically help in any moves to  make a champion footballer.

No Communication Without Connection

What may be the most difficult proposition for any leader who wants to keep his people in train, is how to get his message across while still achieving the specifically desired after-effect.

When the revered Caribbean intellectual leader Dr. Eric Williams told his post-slavery populace in 1956 that “Fete Done!”, little did he imagine that they got the deep feeling that there was no more real need for them to work. 

Fast forward to  July  1990  when an Islamic cleric and former policeman  took over a whole government by violent means and shouted to the seething crowd outside the TT Parliament: “Do not Loot!”

Unlike the Williams case, everybody in Town knew exactly what Imam Yasin Abu Bakr meant as they proceeded to raid stores, groceries and shops for items which they could carry in their pockets, bosoms, and on their backs.

Pumping up the Hydrogen Volumes

With oil prices now dancing in the skies like  Trinidad and Tobago’s  Peter Minshall dingolaying  “Tan Tan and Saga Boy” over the Barcelona 1992 Olympics and other shows, the air is rare as simple Hydrogen seeps threateningly into ethereal fields of energy dreams and nightmares across our restless planet.

No traditional big oil player is more keenly aware of the tricks lurking in a trade so full of potential for sudden change where one solitary dry hole can leverage the commodity Demand-Supply balance over one degree in one drop of a second chance.

It’s no wonder therefore that, even as countries delightedly collect the benefits of current high product sales margins, the Saudi Arabia Energy Minister is respectfully cautioning producers about the ease and speed with which their economies can dive south as demand begins to outstrip supply.

The Young Deceivers

As if they thought no one was looking, the young luminaries of two highly regarded countries sat down and agreed upon an action which left the turd world reeling in COVIDIAN amazement as the resulting scandal stank to high heaven.

“The pandemic has hit our countries hard and has taken a heavy human toll. Inspired by the resilience of our people, and driven by a spirit of solidarity, Canada and France reaffirmed their commitment to working together to address the multidimensional challenges caused by the health crisis.”, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed on June 12.

Last Hurrah!

And now, the coast is clear, I have to face a next election

My friends, I have no fear, it’s one more time, to talk corruption

You see, what they tell me, it’s only more and more confusion

So you will hear from far and wide,  how I does function

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