Double-G and his Ever Moving Goal Post

Yes! Gary Griffith is confidently setting himself up to deliver a spectacular bicycle kick to slip his ball nimbly past a hapless Selection Committee and virtually guarantee  his return as Trinidad and Tobago’s Police Commissioner for a second term.

However, one major question looms as Gary goes for goal, namely : who will pass the ball to him?

Certainly not “GG3” the rookie who was not able to qualify for the last World Cup team despite his father’s active presence. Wife Nicole may be charming and intelligent but that’s not expected to logically help in any moves to  make a champion footballer.

Last Hurrah!

And now, the coast is clear, I have to face a next election

My friends, I have no fear, it’s one more time, to talk corruption

You see, what they tell me, it’s only more and more confusion

So you will hear from far and wide,  how I does function

Wired for Pan in Pain

San Fernando Hill broke into tears of grief this morning with the news that Pan icon Milton Wire Austin had passed. Like the hill that had been ravaged over a life time by contractors digging into its soft underbelly for treasures never to be found in granite and gravel, Wire was revered as a symbol of the rebelliousness and passion which many a San Fernandian felt about their Pan and country for which appreciation always fell short.

Time for a Change

As Trinidad and Tobago struggles along another holographic cycle in its evolutionary psyche from Christmas to Carnival complete with Covid 19 Mask and Old Mas, an activist group calling itself Mind Changers T+T is shouting out to the nation’s president to complete the paradigm shift by calling general elections here and now.

TT Women’s New Spin On Leadership

When Tobago-based Independent Senator Dr Maria Dillon-Remy upset the whole TT Parliament on December 8 by voting for the Procurement Bill, she joined the long line of women who are blazing the trail for a new direction for Trinidad and Tobago.

A shining star among  so many ladies now flying the red black and white flag, Dillon-Remy –  with one decisive turn of her key vote – unexpectedly served her Tobago Ah-We-Boy with a badly-needed Christmas gift as he turns to face the election battle for the sister isle next month. 

Dying Happy with Dennie

As he celebrates his first twenty five years on the planet, Cochese Tyler Dennie is peering far into the distant future for channels through which he can navigate  both his business endeavors and his  life in the creation of a wholesome future for himself, his community and his country.

As a young child who “liked to drive”, the enterprising Tyler with a personal push to be always “better”,  first  found himself organizing a group of boys with pails, soap water and rags into a car-wash business  in the east Port of Spain “ghetto” community where he was born.

Frustrated Top Cop Seeking Comfort Among the People?

PEOPLE Frustrated  Top Cop Seeking Comfort Among the People? TT Police Commissioner Gary Griffith Photo: Ministry of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain – February 19, 2020 By Rudolph Williams Children and spectators at the St James Children’s Carnival street  celebrations on Sunday February 16 were thrown into a state of pleasant shock …

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Stuart Young and Strong

PEOPLE TT National Security Minister  Takes On  his Opponents Stuart Young and  Strong Trinidad and Tobago’s National Security Minister Stuart Young  Photo: Port of Spain – January 27, 2020 by Rudolph Williams Trinidad and Tobago’s National Security Minister Stuart Young displayed keen political adroitness over the past two weeks by making pronouncements which threw …

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