From left to right in photo) TTFA President William Wallace.Photo: TTFA Media/Allan V CraneFIFA President Gianni Infantino Photo: FIFA

Mighty FIFA’s Awkward Stumble

Football fans who now miss attending their favourite matches in large crowds because of COVID – 19 restrictions can follow an interesting side-line game in which FIFA, the world football authority, takes on minuscule Trinidad and Tobago in an on-going contest of un-equals where the mighty has been caught stumbling.

FIFA Goliath of Football Meets TT David

FIFA – the all-powerful Goliath of world soccer – seems in danger of outplaying itself at its own game amid the eruption of a major scandal involving recalcitrant member Trinidad and Tobago as the proverbial David in a contest involving the giant versus a pint-sized opponent on the football battle field

Great Sport Book by Distinguished Son of TT

Sport Great Sport Book by Distinguished Son of TT Publisher’s Note: In view of the encouraging number of successful performances by  today’s TT athletes, it was felt that readers could find  themselves interested in this review, written seven years  ago after the  launch of “Olympian” – a book by  Basil Ince, celebrating  TT’s  athletic heroes …

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